I am compelled by the challenges of deploying technology at scale. With experience in infrastructure operations, client and systems engineering, identity management, and strategic consulting, I develop fast-paced, highly collaborative teams with a strong mission and intellectual curiosity. I thrive at the intersection of management and hands-on work. I translate between the most senior technologists and business leadership, providing actionable intelligence employing my background in enterprise, industrial R&D, academic, federal agencies, and startup environments.

Currently, I manage the Endpoint Engineering and Infrastructure team in the Information Services and Technology Division at the University of California, Berkeley. We build, deploy, manage, and automate the infrastructure components to enable scalable and efficient IT services for Campus.

I research and solve problems at the intersection of security, identity management, and user experience—far too often treated as separate domains. Expertise fusing these domains is critical for new applications in mobile devices, social networks, and messaging platforms. I do this by studying how people interact with technology and how technical infrastructure and policy enables and constrains social behavior. My dissertation, Online Identifiers in Everyday Life, explored these topics in-depth. I received my PhD in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2010.

Additional details available on my experiencepublications, and presentations pages as well as my articles. You can find me on LinkedIn or follow @bengross on Twitter.