Rebooting My Blog

Most of writing starts out as an email to friends, colleagues, or to private mailing lists. Future iterations often become columns for Messaging News or academic articles. Unfortunately, far too often, I don’t publish what I write publicly. This blog is the result of my friends encouraging me to make more of my writing public. Please excuse the dust while I set everything up and start to publish some of my backlog.

One response to “Rebooting My Blog”

  1. Hooray! Many of us have been looking forward to this :-).

    A WordPress plugin that I wish existed (maybe it does?) is one that would take a mailing list thread — delivered in mbox format or whatever — as input and convert that to a blog post with comments. Obviously you’d want to check with the thread participants for privacy concerns and such, but really a lot of the emails you write could be blog posts as they stand, and in most cases the followups do not have anything confidential in them.

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