Currently, I manage the Endpoint Engineering and Infrastructure (EEI) team in the Information Services and Technology division at the University of California, Berkeley. We provide a campus standard for desktop engineering and manage the campus BigFix system, the campus Bomgar server, as well as Software Central, our campus software licensing and distribution, and a UC-wide computing standards program.

Senior systems engineer, enterprise division, the Linde Group. Deployment, management, automation, and integration of Mac OS X systems, iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices, security, and directory services in enterprise environments. Apple Certified Systems Administrator (ACSA).

Researcher at the Highlands Group—a consulting network with a structure similar to a think tank. Identify leading researchers and research topics for future sessions. Present findings at sessions with government executives, academic researchers, and industry leaders.

Online editor at Messaging News. Provide editorial direction. Write analysis and reviews of emerging technologies in email, instant messaging, mobile messaging, social networks, VoIP, collaborative software, and security. Messaging News is an industry publication covering messaging technology in business for C-level and IT management executives.

Personal Digital Archiving 2011 conference program committee.

Research Consultant at Microsoft in 2008 on the Windows LiveID team. Developed competitive analysis of account management, identifier management, registration, sign-in mechanisms, and user flows.

Analyst at Ferris Research from 2003 to 2008. Evaluated services, software, hardware, and markets for email, mobile and instant messaging, identity management, security, VoIP, and collaborative and social software. Conducted interviews, surveys, market research, analyzed data, and wrote reports and recommendations. Designed and implemented streamlined internal communications, workflow, and collaboration infrastructure used by team of analysts.

Engineering intern at Google Accounts from 2005 to 2006. Led project to add support for multiple usernames and email addresses with a single Google Account. Project required working with over a dozen internal teams maintaining independent services and APIs. Feature deployed across production Google services and in widespread use. Analyzed large data sample to investigate problems with user experience in registration and sign-in flows resulting from inability to find desirable identifiers and increased length of usernames.

Visiting scholar in the School of Information at the University of California Berkeley from 2000 to 2006. Managed team investigating communication patterns and behaviors for the creation, management, and use of online identifiers. Analyzed data, developed model, and co-authored paper on economics of eBay ratings.

Coordinator of the Digital Libraries Initiative Phase Two for the National Science Foundation (NSF) from 1998 to 2003. Evaluated research, designed, and managed infrastructure to increase collaboration and technical interoperability across funded digital library research projects from thirty US and international universities. Implemented a technology showcase at NSF headquarters to demonstrated research developments to Congress, funding agencies, and the public. Assisted program managers from NSF and collaborating federal agencies in assessing developments from projects, disseminating research results, and increasing collaboration.