Current: Staff Security Engineer

UC Berkeley, IT Manager, 2012-2017
I was the hands-on manager for the team responsible for the campus-wide standard environment for desktops and laptops, which provided a reliable, secure, and integrated computing environment that reduced the amount of time faculty and staff spent maintaining their computers.

  • Built team, grew team to 10 staff, hands-on manager; Set strategic direction, multi-million annual budget
  • First campus-wide endpoint security deployment, virtualization-based security, and privileged access workstations
  • Security-first endpoint standardization via limiting lateral movement, exploit mitigation, and removing local administrators
  • Reduced security compromises by 95% through automated patching, comprehensive hardening, and separation of privilege
  • 10x increase in managed devices through implementing automation, managed fleet of 15,000 devices
  • Reduced total cost of ownership of devices by 50% via ecosystem of hardware, software, services, and focus on security
  • Improved usability and reduced software installation time and cost by 80% through implementation of self-service platform
  • Increased team velocity 12x by implementing principles from DevOps and Reliability Engineering

Linde Group, Senior Systems Engineer, Enterprise, 2011-2012
The first systems engineer dedicated to enterprise clients at a human-focused IT services firm.

  • Client engineering and infrastructure deployments for systems management in multi-platform environments
  • Standardized Mac OS X and iOS devices across enterprise, improved security posture, and integrated internal systems
  • Collaborated with customer teams on design and deployment; Improved service delivery through self-service automation
  • Industries: pharmaceutical, retail, and enterprise networking; Subcontractor to Apple Professional Services

Microsoft, Research Consultant, Windows LiveID, 2008

  • Research and recommendations influencing development for next generation Microsoft LiveID implementation
  • Developed competitive analysis of account management, registration, sign-in mechanisms, and user flows

Google, Engineering Intern, Google Accounts, 2005–2006

  • Led project to add multiple-user identity management support for Google Accounts; Deployed to production in six months
  • Wrote design documents; Coordinated change with over a dozen internal teams maintaining independent services and APIs
  • Analyzed and designed user flows and wireframes for registration, sign-in, sign out, managing and merging identifiers

Highlands Group, Consulting Researcher, 2007-2012

  • Research and presentations for consulting network of government executives, academic researchers, and industry leaders
  • Cyber-security, deterrence, and predictive technologies problems intersecting academia, industry, and intelligence

Messaging News, Online Editor and Columnist, 2007-2012

  • Freelance writer for the “On Message” column and editorial direction for an industry executive publication
  • Analyzed and reviewed emerging technologies: email, instant/mobile/enterprise messaging, security, and VoIP

Ferris Research, Analyst, 2003–2008

  • Developed analyst reports evaluating services, software, and hardware informing purchasing for institutional clients
  • Conducted market research, interviews, surveys, and data analysis used by analyst team for client reports
  • Designed and implemented infrastructure to streamline collaboration, communications, and workflows for analyst team

UC Berkeley, School of Information, Visiting Scholar, 2000–2006

  • Managed research project analyzing communication and behavior in management and use of online identifiers
  • Designed, conducted, and analyzed the results of online surveys and in-person interviews

Tank Hill, Inc. Incubator and Venture Capital, Chief Networker, 2000

  • Managed operations team; Implemented server, network infrastructure, and security for Tank Hill and subsidiaries
  • Responsible for evaluating technical viability of academic research and emerging technology for commercial investment