Tag: User Experience

  • Security, Productivity, and Usability in the Enterprise

    During interviews I conducted for my dissertation research, I asked individuals how the security policies and systems affected their daily life in terms of productivity and work and personal communication. Interviewees gave many examples of tradeoffs between security and usability. People understood the reasoning behind many of the security restrictions. However, these implementations often significantly […]

  • The World is Not Flat and Neither Are Social Networks

    Now that I and the rest of the Internet has grown accustomed to Google Plus and Facebook’s most recent friend categorization features, I thought it was time to revisit and revise a previously unpublished piece of mine. Take a moment and think about your friends, family, colleagues, friends of friends, acquaintances, and members of the […]

  • OpenID Trends: Improved Usability and Increased Centralization

    The OpenID authentication framework is the most well known of the federated user-centric identity systems. OpenID has effectively become the first commonplace single sign-on option for the Internet at large. Most sizeable Web-based service providers such as AOL, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, MySpace and Yahoo! have integrated at least limited support for OpenID. Services often run […]

  • Federal Digital Identity Proposal Lacking in Usability

    The White House announced The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) proposal and a NSTIC Fact Sheet on The White House blog. The NSTIC proposal (PDF) describes a plan to implement a federated online identity system with strong authentication. The document states the President expects to sign a final version in October 2010 […]

  • Simple Package Tracking with TrackMyShipments

    The web-based interfaces offered by the shipping services allow you to schedule shipments, manage billing, store addresses, and track packages online. Some third-party services offer simplified interfaces and allow you to track shipments from multiple shipping carriers at once. Still, the process of entering multiple tracking numbers into multiple services can be cumbersome. I prefer […]

  • Trends in Password Masking Security and Usability

    John Gruber’s Daring Fireball pointed me to Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox column Stop Password Masking, which resulted in a thoughtful and interesting thread of conversations and a few experimental solutions. Password masking refers to the practice of displaying an alternate character, usually a star or a bullet in place of the actual characters typed into a […]